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This week's memo is all about nothing. And it's about asking what would happen if we started with the
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The Business Magician Memo
This week’s memo is all about nothing. And it’s about asking what would happen if we started with the mindful goal of doing nothing. Wouldn’t that be something? 

As a business owner, I am responsible for many things.
But as an artist, the greatest use of my time is spent doing nothing. My most creative work happens off-stage, while my subconscious mind works its magic. 
My friends have called me the laziest overachiever they know. I love that. To avoid blame or labeling “lazy” as bad, I suggest we approach ‘doing nothing’ with the right attitude and expectations. 
To help you figure out how to do nothing well, check out one of my favorite books, The Idler’s Companion or the articles below. 
Here's what I'm reading about nothing:
The Psychological Importance of Wasting Time
The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time
You Should Work Less Hours—Darwin Did
What do you think of nothing?
Me doing nothing in Sydney, Australia
So how about you? When’s your next nothing? Is it a time you’ve scheduled or a place you’ll go? 
No matter how tempting it may be to do something, it’s equally as important do nothing. I hope this memo helps you do it well.
Reply to this e-mail and share your thoughts with me…tell me what you’re up to, especially if it’s nothing.
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