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Life without work

The last memo, about "nothing," connected to many of you. I received e-mails and heard from friends a
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The Business Magician Memo
The last memo, about “nothing,” connected to many of you. I received e-mails and heard from friends and clients by phone and in person. It seems we’re all aligned with the idea of doing nothing as a purposeful part of our lives. 
The focus of this Memo is artificial intelligence. More specifically: what happens when artificial intelligence and robots replace or eliminate over half of current jobs. Will we need to work? Will we still want to if we don’t have to? Will robots be pulling rabbits out of hats? 

Three questions I have about AI:
Will robots take my job?
If I don't have to work, how will I keep busy?
Would I enjoy a life without work?
I don't have any magical answers yet, only questions.
Sticking with our theme, I just finished binge-watching a 2-season series revolving around AI. It’s called Humans, and I highly recommend it. It’s about a future where we live with synthetic robots. 
That future feels like it’s right around the corner. But then again, I dreamed of voice recognition back in 1994, the same year that Jeff Bezos started Amazon, and only now is this magical Echo Dot floating through our household and making life easy. So, while we plan for this future, let’s remember that good things take time.
At home with my wish fulfiller, Alexa
Thanks for joining me in the past, present and future.
Thank you for sharing the memo and for letting me know how it’s inspired you, your friends, or your co-workers. I love to hear what you think about all this. Connecting with others is the most human thing I can imagine. Good thing we have computers to help us do it seamlessly. I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time.
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